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Permanent Makeup Services


Aquarelle Lips $850 •  BOOK NOW


If you don’t wear bright lipstick every day and prefer transparent glosses, then soft filling with a soft color is what can give your lips a fresh and healthy look with long lasting results. Defines the edges of the lips and to create a better contour and symmetry. If your lips are a dark tone or you have scarring submit a picture of your lips to be approved first. If you’re prone to cold sores, you must consult with your doctor and start taking preventive medication 7 days prior.




Microblading $750 •  BOOK NOW


    Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool to replicate the illusion of real hairs. (Conditions apply: No previous work. Touch up is not included) 




    Hybrid Brows $850 •  BOOK NOW


    Combination is the most popular technique in Miami. It combines advanced microblading strokes on the body of the brow with shading on the tail of the brows do add extra definition. Hybrid Brows are NOT SUITED for oily or combination skin. (Conditions apply: No previous work. Touch up is not included)




    Ombre Brows $750 •  BOOK NOW


    Ombre brows give you a semi-permanent filled eyebrow shading. The Ombre eyebrows have a soft powdered body and light fluffy diffused edges, which creates the ultimate brow shape and design. This eyebrow style looks very unique and attractive. (Conditions apply: No previous work. Touch up is not included)




    Microblading Powder Brows Correction  •  BOOK NOW


    *Prices start at $700+

    Correction of past permanent makeup and color correction. Please contact us before booking your appointment. (Consultation Required)




    Eyebrow Lamination Botox $180  •  BOOK NOW


    This service includes lifting, tinting, and nourishment with vitamin Botox. If you have any skin conditions such as: eczema, acne, dermatitis, open skin around the brow area or very sparse/weak hairs YOU ARE NOT A GOOD CANDIDATE. If you have doubts you can always send us a picture! Sessions should be scheduled every 4 weeks.




    Lash Lamination Botox and Tint $215  •  BOOK NOW


    This single session includes lifting, tinting and nourishment with vitamin Botox.